IMG_6617.JPG                                   The sights of Jewish Budapest

Text: Rabbi Raj Tamás

Photographs: Károly Szerényi

Translated by: Brian McLean

1500.- HUF

IMG_6614.JPG                                            The great Synagogue of Budapest

Text and photographs by: Rudolf Klein

Academic editors: Zsuzsa Toronyi, Michael Miller

Book design: Csongor Németh

English translation: Rudolf Klein

4800.- HUF


IMG_6613.JPG                                              Jewish Budapest


Monuments, Rites, History

by Kinga Frojimovics, Géza Komoróczy, Viktória Pusztai and Andrea Strbik

Edited by Géza Komoróczy

English edition 1999 by Central European University Press

Translated by Vera Szabó

Topography and cover design by István Kiss


7680,- HUF


IMG_6633.JPG                                                   14 woodcuts of Imre Ámos


14 woodcuts of

Imre Ámos

with introduction of Tamás Raj


IMG_6612.JPG                                                     Synagogues in Hungary

Written by Hedvig Podonyi

Photographed by József Tóth

Translation by Judith Sollosy

IMG_6676.JPG                                                         Jews and Carpets

History of Synagogue Textiles

Synagogue textiles are called parokhet. Torah-Ark cover or curtain in Hungarian, or curtain of the Covenant in archaic language. These richly decorated parokhets are the characteristic ornaments of the Synagogue (beyt knesset in Hebew) interiors. More..


IMG_6627.JPG                                                   1900 Budapest 2000

Foreword by: Esterházy Péter

Notes on the images by: Ritoók Pál

Postscript and biographies by: Lugosi Lugo László

Text edited by: Márton Ágnes

Design by: Kaszta Mónika

English translation by: Hegyi Júlia

2795.- HUF

This book invites you for a walk, an adventure and travel through time in Budapest. Two photographers explore the same sight in the city, but between them more than a hundred years have elapsed. Klösz created the original photographs in the last third 19th century. Lugo follows his footstepd today and rediscovers the sights once recorded by Klösz.



IMG_6629.JPG                                                       Budapest Churches

Prologue by Péter Esterházy

Written and edited by Lajos Csordás

Revised by István Diós

Design by Móni Laszta

Archive pictures selected by László Lugo Lugosi

English translation by Katalin Rácz

Published by VINCE BOOKS, 2007

2795 HUF

Sixty of the four hundred places of worship in Budapest- architectural representatives of the last few centuries from the nearly two millennia of the city' history.

Some are decorative, some less ornamenal. Some are well-known, others are hidden. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish- places where God is praised. Places of devotion.


IMG_6626.JPG                                                    Budapest On the Danube

Photographs by László Lugosi Lugo

Prologue by Péter Esterházy

Notes on the images and Postscript by Tibor P. Sándor

Old pictures selected by László Lugosi Lugo

English translation by Katalin Rácz

Published by VINCE BOOKS, 2005

2795.- HUF

The Danube is the most adventurous river in Europe, and Budapest is the city where this intrepid river is at its most spectaculer. The Danube is part of the city, which simultaneously constitutes a part of the river- they pulsate together. Their fate and history are welded into one. Together they have experienced much misfortune, as well as prosprity. The Danube is an eternal muse inspiring music, poetry, fiction and imagr. Lászlo Lugosi Lugo discovers its image through photographs.


IMG_6621.JPG                                                     WALKS ALONG THE GREAT BOULEVARD

Photographs by Gábor Kapolka

Prologue by Iván Bacher

Written and edited by Lajos Csordás

English translation by Katalin Rácz

Design by Móni Kaszta

2795.-  HUF


IMG_6624.JPG                                                     Walks in the Jewish Quarter

Photographs by: Kapolka Gábor

Prologue by: Bächer Iván

Notes on the images by: Kapolka Gábor, Perczel Anna, Saly Noémi, Toronyi Zsuzsa Várnai Vera

Edited by: Kaszta Móni

English translation by : Rácz Katalin

Published by: Vince Kiadó, 2006



Budapest has few parts as atmospheric as its old Jewish quarter, with its narrow, small streets, beautiful synagogues, and classicist and Art Nouveau buildings. Peeping into courtyards gives the feel of the past. The selected walks in this book let us glance into a former world-  a world which is dynamically reviving at present.




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